6″ PVC to 6″ Flex Hose – Dust Collection Adapter


6″ PVC to 6″ Flex Hose Dust Collection Adapter

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Using SDR35 PVC sewer drain pipe is a great and economical option for dust collection piping.  The only problem is the adapters can be hard to find!  I’ve created this 3D printed 6″ PVC to 6″ flex hose dust collection adapter to help you setup your dust collection system.

This dust collection adapter is for converting 6″ SDR35 PVC sewer drain pipe to 6″ flex hose.  The adapters are printed in strong PETG and are easily connected.

Connecting the PVC End

For a non permanent connection, I recommend using foil tape.  It holds really well, is cheap and can easily be removed if you need to adjust your system.  For a permanent connection, I recommend a thick CA glue.  Then, if needed, caulk around the outside of the joint to make it airtight (in case you missed a spot here and there with the CA glue).

Connecting the Hose End

Use a simple hose clamp or a Bridge Hose Clamp

Be sure to check out the other fittings I offer: Dust Collection

If you want multiple pieces of varying sizes please reach out to me for a better deal!

Additional information

Weight .6875 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5 in


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